Presentation of itsme...

Designing a new workstation. Premiere presentation in Germany.

Designing a new workstation: itsme

Giorgio De Michelis

DISCo, University of Milano - Bicocca & itsme srl

Abstract. Itsme is new company created in Spring 2008 with the aim to design and build an innovative operating system for workstations (named again itsme), going beyond the desktop metaphor to be able to support users in the management of the complexity of their activities. Itsme is based on new metaphor, called ‘stories and venues’, reflecting the situatedness of human experience.
This talk will illustrate the main features of itsme (from the design and technology viewpoint) and the way we are designing it with the participation of a growing community of people with different cultural backgrounds and professional experience. The talk will treat itsme as an exemplar interaction design project and will show how its roots are grounded in CSCW research. Finally the talk will explain the possibility of interaction and collaboration itsme is offering to interested people and groups.

Prof. Giorgio De Michelis teaches Theoretical Computer Science and Interaction Design at the University of Milano – Bicocca, where he has served as Head of the Department of Informatics, Systems and Communications from 2002 to 2007. His research focuses on models of concurrent systems (Petri Nets), and computer supported cooperative work, community-ware, knowledge management and interaction design, where his group has developed and is developing prototypes of support systems for cooperative processes and knowledge management systems (CHAOS, UTUCS, MILANO, CAMPIELLO, KLEE&CO, MILK, ATELIER). Giorgio De Michelis has authored four books and more than 140 papers in the areas of his interest. Giorgio De Michelis is vice-president of Fondazione IRSO, a research institute devoted to the study of socio-technical systems, industrial innovation and government organization. Giorgio De Michelis has recently created ITSME, a spin-off of the University of Milano – Bicocca, devoted to the design and construction of a newly conceived work-station. He is a founding partner of, an Italian newsletter dedicated to ICT.

Supported byUniversity of SiegenEuropean Society of Socially Embedded Technologies