Poster/Work-in-Progress Call for Papers

Second International Symposium on End User Development (IS-EUD)


The Proceedings of the Work-in-Progress Session of the Second International Symposium on End-User Development (guest edited by Christopher Scaffidi and Gunnar Stevens) are available for free to download at

Important Dates

Deadline for Submission: December 23, 2008 (23:59 Central European Time)
Notification: January 1, 2009
Early Registration Deadline: January 16, 2009
Camera-Ready Deadline: February 1, 2009
Symposium Dates: March 2 - 4, 2009


The Poster/Work-in-Progress session provides an opportunity to interactively discuss ongoing work with colleagues. Unlike submissions to the symposium's main technical track, Poster/Work-in-Progress submissions may be in an early stage. For example, this venue is particularly appropriate for presenting preliminary results that have not yet been fully validated. The purpose of this session is to generate interesting conversations about End User Development (EUD) that will give valuable feedback and help disseminate results one-on-one to other symposium attendees.

As with the main technical track, examples of appropriate submissions include the following:

  • Empirical studies of EUD practices
  • User Interfaces for EUD
  • Metaphors for software modularization
  • Requirements specification for EUD
  • Architectures for EUD
  • EUD as part of software infrastructure
  • Support for collaboration among non-professional programmers
  • EUD for specific types of devices
  • EUD in specific fields of application
  • EUD for user groups with specific needs
  • Education concepts to foster EUD
  • Micro-economical effects of EUD
  • Marco-economical impact of EUD
  • Political implications of EUD

One or both session co-chairs will review each submission based on whether it is likely to provoke interesting and useful conversations. Submissions should identify an interesting problem or question related to EUD, explain its significance, describe progress toward addressing the problem or question, briefly summarize any related work, and describe any validation to date.


Accepted submissions will be published online in a special issue of the International Reports on Socio-Informatics (IRSI). While accepted papers will be published online, they will not be included in the main conference proceedings. The Poster/Work-in-Progress session is not archival in the sense of constraining future publication. That is, we do not intend for posters to constitute prior publication of work. Consequently, the same material may be published in later venues if desired.


Papers in PDF format may be submitted electronically via The submission deadline is December 23, 2008. Papers should not exceed 4 pages in the IRSI format. They may be anonymized or non-anonymized, at the discretion of the author(s).

Authors will be notified of reviewing results by January 1, 2009. Authors of accepted papers will have until February 1 to revise submissions based on review results and to provide a non-anonymized camera-ready version.

Session Chairs

Gunnar Stevens, University of Siegen, Germany
Christopher Scaffidi, Carnegie Mellon University, USA

E-mail any questions to the session chairs at poster[at]

Supported byUniversity of SiegenEuropean Society of Socially Embedded Technologies